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Course Preview:

Course Overview:

Are you ready to do an ONLINE PILATES MAT course with AMAZING ON-SCREEN VISUALS and professional presentations that encompasses the essence of Pilates and the merging of Pilates and Science? Would you like to add ‘Pilates Mat Instructor’ to your qualifications? You will have the opportunity to learn from Pilates Unlimited – the Art of Movement™ who is a driving force in the Pilates Industry since 2002.

Aim of the course:

This online course was professionally filmed to bring you the very best of our work to ensure that our students have access to all that is required in order to obtain a Top-Quality Pilates certification. The course covers; Pilates theory, anatomy in movement, postures, movement principles, client specific training, modifications, contraindications, basic to advanced Pilates repertoire with a comprehensive breakdown of each exercise, teaching techniques and so much more.


You will follow the ONLINE COURSE that comprises of 27 professional videos with your two Comprehensive Manuals which will enable you to take this course with ease.


Let’s not forget the Amazing Pilates Unlimited Course Presenter with over 20 years of experience, Tanya Thompson, who will be guiding you through each video.

A new career is one step away.


Course Contents

  • The history of Pilates
  • The principles of Pilates
  • Anatomical terminology
  • The musculoskeletal system
  • The ideal pelvic position from a client specific perspective
  • Understanding Pelvic tilts
  • The ever popular ‘core’ and how the focus has shifted
  • The muscles involved in the core
  • Developing correct alignment and mechanics
  • Movement assessment and chain reactions
  • The art of shoulder stability
  • Postural types and how to assess them out of the box
  • Professional conduct and work ethics
  • The art of brilliant teaching
  • How to perform a comprehensive client body assessment
  • Structuring a Pilates Mat Class……… and so much more
  • Pilates repertoire on the mat with the ball, theraband, magic circle and foam roller. Each exercise is analysed and assessed according to; common compensations, objectives, effective cueing, Kinetic Precision implementation and the anatomy involved.

Course Objectives

The main objective is for the student to complete the course (27 videos + apprentice hours) and the assessments in order to receive their Pilates Qualification. The student will be able to work in a professional Pilates studio or open their own Pilates studio.


The student will broaden their knowledge of Pilates, the theory behind Pilates as well as the musculoskeletal system and how to merge these into the Pilates repertoire. They will also be able to teach amazing Pilates classes that are client specific and goal driven. They will learn all the Pilates repertoire as well as how to modify or assist the exercises according to the client’s needs and capabilities. They will bring a holistic approach to their classes as they learn how to adapt the classes according to the client’s needs and personality. They will learn about good work ethic and professional conduct within a studio setting. Strengthening the clients functionally will be their main objective and through doing this course, they will be able to create programs that will reach their clients goals.

Course Requirements

  • Comfortable clothes, Pilates mat, resistance band, magic circle, 65cm ball
  • Comfortable table and chair, laptop or tablet, manuals and Stationery

How Does It Work?

  • Step 1: Purchase the course online
  • Step 2: Make sure you are logged in – Course will be available immediately in your ‘MY COURSES’
  • Step 3: Follow the easy steps in your ‘MY COURSES’
  • Step 4: Print your Course guide and Manuals
  • Step 5: Start your first Video and follow it with VIDEO 1 in your Manual
  • Step 6: Continue watching the videos in your own time with the Manual
  • Step 7: Go to Student resources and learn loads more, download apprentice forms and observe classes in the student resources
  • Step 8: Write your online theory exam
  • Step 9: Upload your practical teaching videos and body assessment into the Dropbox supplied for us to assess your work
  • Step 10: Upload your apprentice hours to the Dropbox folder
  • Step 11: Get your certificate – YOU ARE DONE!


In this course we merge science and Pilates, equipping our students with the knowledge of client specific Pilates classes. We enable our students to modify and assist exercises in order to allow all clients to work comfortably during their session.

Through the implementation of Tanya Thompson’s Kinetic Precision technique, she is able to teach candidates to think out of the box and thereby create a Pilates program that focuses on a client’s specific needs.

The student will watch 27 Online Videos that they can follow easily with their manuals. Each video is between 45min – 60 minutes long.

The student can watch these videos in their own time.


All resources will be available to you as soon as you register and purchase the course. The resources being:


  • The mat course guide describing exactly how to do the course, to be downloaded and printed
  • The Pilates theory manual to be downloaded and printed
  • The Pilates repertoire manual to be downloaded and printed
  • The Apprentice sheets to be downloaded and printed
  • Observations videos within the student resources
  • Additional student resources

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