Shoulder Stabilization And Precision In Rehabilitation


Embrace the shoulder stability BRACE TRIANGLE! See it, feel it, assess it & know what you are assessing through the science & the mechanics of the blade. Link the theory with the practical! Be amazed at what that scapula is capable of doing & eliminate all shoulder injuries NOW!


The population NEEDS better shoulders! Eliminate shoulder & neck injures NOW!

  • Learn all compensations due to hyper or hypo-mobility.
  • Learn the HOW TO of how the scapula should glide.
  • Train your eye to see all positive & negative shoulder movements.
  • Develop amazing skills to relay shoulder stability to your client or patient.
  • Delve into the shoulder anatomy & relate this to pure, safe & efficient movement.
  • Develop shoulder stability as a movement professional.
  • Learn the perfect cues, as one word changes the entire outcome of the exercise.
  • Learn PRECISE ‘hands on’ teaching to encourage perfect scapula stability.
  • Learn about the VITAL BRACE TRIANGLE.
  • Delve into the Serratus Anterior like NEVER BEFORE & FIND IT!
  • Learn to assess EXACT shoulder stability issues.
  • Obtain an amazing shoulder stability strength & re-education program.


See shoulder stability like never before & relate this to many shoulder injuries.

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