Spinal Isolation, Restriction & Rehabilitation


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Course Overview:

We know how daunting it can be when a client comes in with persistent back ache or they have been referred to your for exercise, but they have a spinal condition. And then, when they start exercising they might say. ‘Oh, but this does not feel good for my spine,’ or ‘This is hurting my back.’ It is at this point that our mind starts racing as to why this exercises is so uncomfortable for them? We want to give you the absolute best guidelines for training spines safely and effectively. We take a look at spinal mobility and how to effectively strengthen the entire spine, with a great emphasis on the thoracic spine. We discuss fusions, disc protrusions, spondylolisthesis and we look at an exercise program that will enable these clients to strengthen their backs without exacerbating their injury. Spinal movement, rehabilitation & pathology start to make perfect sense as you delve into this in-depth Of-CourseOnline course. Throw all generic spinal programs away & become a Master of Spinal Program Design. Dig deep into the anatomy & more importantly, what does the spine feel like when moving & WHY?

Course Objectives:

This course was designed to help you, the professional, improve your knowledge to comfortably assist you clients who are struggling with back problems. In every one of our courses, we always cover the theory but we ALWAYS go into the practical. This is to ensure that they theory that you have learned can be applied to your clients without hesitation. You will learn:

  • the anatomy and biomechanics of the spine
  • the importance of spinal isolation and relative mobility
  • spinal ranges of motion
  • how neutral spine is not the same on everyone and why
  • how spines may respond differently to the same exercise and why
  • why mobilizing of certain spines can cause injury
  • effective and safe movement for the spine
  • successful client specific functional training of the spine
  • precautions when training clients with spondylolisthesis
  • precautions when training clients with disc protrusions which is dependant on the protrusion
  • precautions when training clients with spinal fusions
  • a full exercise program that you can use to help any client achieve optimal spinal health and stability
  • the cues used to assist you clients in getting the full benefit of the program

Course Material:

  • Downloadable and printable manual
  • Course video/s
  • Downloadable and printable course summary page
  • Quick test
  • Immediate certificate

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The intricacies of HEALING THE SPINE!


How do we achieve Effective movement of the spine?

  • If YOU know what pure & safe spinal movement feels like.
  • Through mindful training which promotes longevity.
  • Achieving spinal isolation for postural improvement.
  • Knowing the precautionary measures when dealing with certain spinal pathologies
  • Spinal retraining & the EXACT muscles involved.
  • Utilizing the best SPINAL exercises on a CLIENT SPECIFIC basis.
  • Knowing the in-depth relationship of the spine, hip & pelvis.
  • Understanding MOVEMENT in relation to SPINAL PATHOLOGIES.


This course designed to develop insight into the movement of the pelvic, hip & spine.  Pelvic, hip & spinal rehabilitation will now make perfect sense.


We take a deeper look into pure and safe movement as well as functional training of the spine with the objective being CLIENT SPECIFIC TRAINING!

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1 review for Spinal Isolation, Restriction & Rehabilitation

  1. Tarryn Keightley

    Fantastic Course. Very helpful and easy to understand. Would definitely recommend!
    I love Tanya’s explanations and advice.

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