Hip, Pelvic and Spinal Anatomy


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Course Overview:

Anatomy can be very overwhelming and sometimes we like to learn things in bite sized chunks. We are sure you have seen our Functional Anatomy and Biomechanics course, but this Shorter anatomy course focuses only on the pelvis, hip and spine only. It is a great course to do in conjunction with our Spinal Isolation, Restriction and Rehabilitation course. In this course we delve into the anatomy and chain reactions that occur within the lumbo-pelvic area. It was due to this course that we were inspired to create out larger Functional Anatomy and Biomechanics course as the demand from our members for more anatomy work grew. Anatomy does not need to be complicated, we just need somebody to explain it in a way that makes sense. And we are very good at doing that!

Course Objectives:

This course is to help you develop insight into the muscles of the pelvic, hip and spine in order to help you in pelvic, hip and spinal movement assessment. You will learn:

  • to understand movement on a client specific level as you delve into the musculoskeletal system of the spine, hip and pelvis
  • the necessary terminology
  • the relationship between agonists, antagonists and synergists in the lumbo-pelvic area
  • the chain reactions of the lumbo-pelvic area from a biomechanical perspective


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In order for YOU to stay at the top of YOUR game, YOU need to maintain a strong anatomical background in relation to MOVEMENT.


How can we do a client assessment without anatomy knowledge? We can’t!


During a client or patient assessment, it is vital that YOU know:

  • how the muscles affect the joints & how this would affect movement patterns.
  • the fundamentals for all assessments & the role of the anatomy.
  • where negative or positive movements originate from?
  • what joints & muscles are affected in certain conditions or injuries or even stability based movements?


Play ‘link the dots’ with this course and start answering a lot of interesting questions. This video course covers the anatomy of the entire pelvic, hip & spinal area with high quality images. The objective is to recap & develop insight into the muscles of the pelvic, hip & spine in order to add to the progression of pelvic, hip & spinal rehabilitation. An excellent course to do with the Spinal or hip based Of-CourseOnline courses. 

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1 review for Hip, Pelvic and Spinal Anatomy

  1. Annie B

    I have completed this course now. I found it really interesting and informative. Great content. Thank you, Anne (UK)

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