Hip, Pelvic and Spinal Anatomy


Anatomy never made more sense! Bring the element of amazing to YOUR knowledge & classes by linking ANATOMY TO MOVEMENT!

This course will really open your eyes to movement + anatomy & give you that edge in teaching!

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In order for YOU to stay at the top of YOUR game, YOU need to maintain a strong anatomical background in relation to MOVEMENT.


How can we do a client assessment without anatomy knowledge? We can’t!


During a client or patient assessment, it is vital that YOU know:

  • how the muscles affect the joints & how this would affect movement patterns.
  • the fundamentals for all assessments & the role of the anatomy.
  • where negative or positive movements originate from?
  • what joints & muscles are affected in certain conditions or injuries or even stability based movements?


Play ‘link the dots’ with this course and start answering a lot of interesting questions. This video course covers the anatomy of the entire pelvic, hip & spinal area with high quality images. The objective is to recap & develop insight into the muscles of the pelvic, hip & spine in order to add to the progression of pelvic, hip & spinal rehabilitation. An excellent course to do with the Spinal or hip based Of-CourseOnline courses. 

Amazing Lower Abdominal Activation

This course is designed to provide the professional with a comprehensive LOWER ABDOMINAL program that will enable your client or patient to connect to their LOWER ABDOMINALS as well as strengthen them efficiently without any compensations. Lower abdominal activation is felt to different degrees in this course whereby there is a build-up of activation versus strength training. It forms a vital part of any exercise training! 
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