Innovative Mat Flow Class - Small Ball


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Course Preview:

Course Overview:

This course is designed to provide the YOU with a great FULL BODY small ball class. MINDFUL training is the order of the day. Enjoy our unique method of class delivery: Flow,Closed, chain training, Open chain training, Full body integration training… all with the small ball!

Exercise design is part of YOUR career, so feel free to COPY & PASTE this session & start designing your own amazing exercises.

Course Aim:

Aim: This course is designed to provide the professional with creative ideas to keep clients intrigued and coming back for more. It is a course that will improve their methods of class delivery while adopting the skill of creating flow, closed chain training, open chain training and full body integration training. Exercise design is part of a movement professional’s career and therefore, this course will ignite that creative spark. They will also have a full program that they can do with the small ball.



You will not believe what you can do with this small ball!


Start getting creative or just copy & paste this session in your STUDIO.This program is going to target everything & create amazing stability.

  • Encourage flow in your mat class.
  • WOW your clients with the versatility of the small ball.
  • Encourage stamina during their training.
  • Show them how absolutely awesome & creative YOU are.


Watch as we make creative use of the small ball. It’s versatility will BLOW YOUR MIND. Safe & Efficient teaching is always a priority with the objective being a FULL BODY WORKOUT! Trust us, this will be a full body workout!

Reviews (2)

2 reviews for Innovative Mat Flow Class – Small Ball

  1. Megan Nicko

    I love this content, some really great exercises that can be implemented with young children to understand the true activation of core another neck muscles!

  2. Donna-marie

    Absolutely loved this! Tanya is so articulate and her teaching is so skillful. Amazing cues! I have taught these exercises to a few clients so far and they have all loved them. Thanks for the inspiration.

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