Mat Flow Class - Small Ball


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Course Preview:

Course Overview:

This course is designed to provide the YOU with a great FULL BODY small ball class. MINDFUL training is the order of the day. Enjoy our unique method of class delivery: Flow,Closed, chain training, Open chain training, Full body integration training… all with the small ball!

Exercise design is part of YOUR career, so feel free to COPY & PASTE this session & start designing your own amazing exercises.


You will not believe what you can do with this small ball!

Start getting creative or just copy & paste this session in the comfort of your own home or STUDIO.This program is going to target everything & create amazing stability.

  • Encourage flow in your HOME mat class.
  • WOW yourself with the versatility of the small ball.
  • Encourage stamina during YOUR program.
  • Show YOURSELF how amazingly you can train at home.

Watch as we make creative use of the small ball. It’s versatility will BLOW YOUR MIND. Safe & Efficient exercise is always a priority with the objective being a FULL BODY WORKOUT! 

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