Knee Stability WOW Factor
(3 CPD Points)


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Course Overview:

As we age or do specific sports, our knees take a lot of strain which results in:
•Wear & tear of the joint or instability within the joint.
•Predominant muscles or movement compensations.
Knee stability is reliant on hip & pelvic stability & therefore a comprehensive assessment of a client or patients’ habitual knee, hip & pelvic patterns is necessary. Client movement or musculo-skeletal restrictions have to be considered because this will affect the client specific program. This course provides you with a comprehensive yet safe knee stability program with the additional factors that affect knee stability.

Aim of the course:

This course enables the Movement Professional to note all compensations as well as bring in the 5 fundamental Movement Principles that will create a holistic, full-body approach to any exercise program. If health whilst training is what you are after then this is exactly what every single client or patient needs to be able to accomplish. You will now be able to view assess and correct the compensations that occur within the 5 Fundamental Movement Principles.

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It is time to look after your knees!


We want YOU to provide YOUR client or patient with a client specific knee stability program that takes injuries, sport, age and precision in movement into account. You will learn:


  • the ‘look out for’ negative & positives in a knee exercise program.
  • compensations vs. negative tension & joint adaptations.
  • contraindications of generic programs & exercises on a client specific level.
  • POSTURAL or STRUCTURAL genu varus versus genu valgus.
  • the ultimate positioning for maximum output of muscle contractions.
  • how to obtain amazing results for your clients or patients.
  • an EXCELLENT & safe knee rehabilitation program.


Knee rehabilitation that is ‘out of the box’ & unique. See it performed on a client with mention & illustration of the dangers during specific knee rehabilitation exercises.

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(3 CPD Points)”

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