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Knee Stability Protocol

137.00 $

Knee Stability Protocol Live Event

The Unique Knee Stability Protocol That Gets You Better Results for your clients, Faster… …so you can feel confident when designing your knee programs


22 July, 29 July, 5 August 2022 14h00 – 17h00 (South African Time)


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Day 1) Anatomy & Biomechanics Of The Knee

  • The factors that play a role in effective knee stability.
  • ​The functional Anatomy and biomechanics of the knee.
  • The relationship between hip and knee stability
  • ​Understanding the structure of knock knees and bow legs and the training needed
  • Lower limb alignment in various exercises
  • ​How pelvic tilts affect effective knee training
  • Uncomfortable knee training
  • ​The brand-new knee mobility program.

Day 2) Effectively Assess The Knees Stability Performance In Relation To Common Compensations And Injury

  • A look at knee pathology and how this changes your approach in training.
  • ​The extroverted TFL and the Introverted Gluteus Medius and looking at EMG results and how this affects knee stability.
  • Knee hyperextension compensations and effective training
  • ​Effective VMO training
  • The relationship of the quadriceps versus the hamstrings in training
  • ​Developing the clients mind-body connection through functional knee education
  • Common knee injuries

Day 3) Practical Assessment Phase

  • The exercise program to create functional knee strength and knee stability.
  • ​Creating 3 knee programs for 3 different case studies.
  • ​Important factors to remember in each session when training knees.
  • ​The conclusion of this effective program on the individual and how this will affect their rehabilitation and functional movement.

137.00 $

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