Innovative Repertoire – Large Apparatus


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Innovative repertoire large apparatus is here to bring you some new, progressive ideas on the Cadillac & Reformer. Start thinking OUT OF THE BOX & start designing NEW amazing repertoire.

Ignite that creative spirit that lies within all of us. The repertoire is only the tool, YOU are the operator / master. So make it work!

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Let’s get creative on the large apparatus (Cadillac & Reformer)!


It is time to modify, design & assist Pilates Exercises. The EVOLUTION of exercises is here. Innovative repertoire – large apparatus is dedicated to:

  • keeping YOU motivated in designing NEW repertoire with the use of large Pilates apparatus.
  • give YOU new repertoire.
  • give YOU repertoire that will keep your rehabilitation or exercise classes interesting & progressive.
  • give YOU new practical ideas for rehabilitation & movement training
  • show YOU how to design exercises with any apparatus.
  • add variety & inspiration to YOUR classes.


The apparatus used in this course is the Pilates Reformer & Cadillac. At the end of this course, you will have a greater repertoire to choose from when presenting your patients / clients with exercises for progressive training & rehabilitation.

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