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Functional Anatomy and Biomechanics

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(12 customer reviews)

Course Preview:



Course Overview:

If you are busy reading this, then there is something that intrigues you about anatomy, or maybe you feel that there is a gap in your anatomy and biomechanical knowledge? Maybe you want to recap your anatomy and learn this through viewing some really amazing anatomy imagery and easily understandable biomechanical explanations. Maybe you need to see this explained on a real moving person to help you put the puzzle pieces together? In this course, you are going to immerse yourself into Functional Anatomy and Biomechanics and you are finally going to feel anatomy smart!

As a movement professional, it is vital that you have a comprehensive understanding of the biomechanics and anatomy of the human body. However, just knowing the names of muscles and where they are is not sufficient if you teach movement and exercise. You need a deeper understanding of how the muscles relate to one another and how they react on an individual. Each client can be viewed as a unique puzzle, and through a comprehensive understanding of the anatomy, all the parts of their puzzle will fit together perfectly. You are about to embark on a journey of anatomical discovery, which will enable you to teach with confidence. We are going to jump right back to the basics and start unfolding the amazing world of the human body in movement. Get ready to absorb all that there is to learn about YOUR amazing structure.

Course Objectives:

This course will teach you, the professional, about the Musculoskeletal system and how this system responds when moving. You will learn:

  • how to analyse movement on an anatomical level
  • how to teach classes that embrace a better understanding of your client’s bodies as they move
  • compensations due to muscular restrictions
  • then muscles names and the movements that they produce as well as their antagonists
  • how the agonists and antagonists relate to one another and how their response can be different of different individuals
  • all the necessary anatomical terminology that will help you understand literature and referral letters from health care professionals
  • how to apply your knowledge to modify exercises for a more client specific approach
  • how anatomy and biomechanical knowledge will change your entire perspective on teaching movement with purpose


  • Downloadable and printable manuals
  • Downloadable and printable summary pages
  • Course videos
  • Quick quiz
  • Immediate certificate

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Course Description:
  • Quick recap on anatomical terminology relating to movement
  • Images and information of the skeletal system on the hip, pelvis and spine
  • The muscles that affect the pelvis, hip and spine in all their joint movement abilities as well as antagonists
  • Conclusion of how these muscles will affect a pelvic tilt

Course requirements:

  • Computer, Internet, Manual (to be printed off of website), stationery

Course presenter:

Tanya Thompson – Founder of Pilates Unlimited the Art of Movement, 15 years experience, Dance Diploma at Tshwane University of Technology, founder of Kinetic Precision International, Pilates Unlimited and

Course agenda:

  1. This course is done online at a time convenient for the candidate
  2. The course is presented via a video so the candidate is able to watch the course and follow the presenter from the manual
  3. The course is divided into sessions and therefore they can do one session at a time
  4. The course duration is approximately 5 hours
  5. At the end of the final session, they are to complete a test at their convenience
  6. They will also receive the 1-page course summary
  7. A certificate will be available once they have achieved 70% on the test
Reviews (12)

12 reviews for Functional Anatomy and Biomechanics

  1. Kk14

    I bought the Functional Anatomy and Biomechanics course on the day it came out. I didn’t have the facility to print the manual on the day so I followed along on another tablet with the thought that I would just have a quick look through it, and would then come back and do it on another day. Before I knew it I was on video 4 and went on to complete it all on the same day! Fantastic thorough course. I’m sure that no matter what level of teaching you are at, you will benefit from this course. I learnt so much! Today I got a copy of the manual printed and have gone back in to study it again which is also another great benefit of OfCourse Online courses.

  2. Laura Sykes

    A great course to review all the anatomy I learnt in my initial training as a Pilates teacher. . Really good to go back and revisit anatomy with years of teaching under my belt and this course is presented so well, integrating anatomy knowledge into Pilates movement and as a result functional movement to help me help my clients better. All the of-course online courses I have done have felt like giving myself a treat….time to delve back into what I love! Thank you for making it all so accessible!

  3. Natasha

    I have just completed the Functional Anatomy and Biomechanics Course. Wow it was incredible. I have always felt there was gaps in my anatomy knowledge and this course has really helped me. I wish I’d know about it before I started my Pilates teacher training as it would have helped everything else make sense. Tanya has a wonderful, generous teaching style and manages to simplify information that could otherwise be overwhelming. She delivers the content in a clear to the point way. I would highly recommend Of-course online.
    Natasha Haresign

  4. Mercian

    Excellent course. Tanya has a really engaging style and makes things very simple. I will be watching again and again to keep embedding the knowledge. Thank you. Ian

  5. Amanda Roon

    Thank you so much, you have taken the anxiety away to learn anatomy. I am able to apply what I learn in my very next class.

  6. Donna-marie

    I cannot thank Tanya, Lameez, and the rest of the Of-Course Online team enough for putting together such a wonderful resource. I’ve done a few other anatomy and biomechanics courses aimed at Pilates teachers, both live and online, and although they have contained all the relevant information they have been somewhat dry. Tanya’s deep knowledge and passion for anatomy and movement is obvious and infectious and manifests in a teaching style that is totally motivating, inspiring, and never boring! Thank you for taking my understanding of this topic to the next level; I am now a much better teacher as a result.

  7. Manda6

    Just completed the first module of Functional Anatomy and Biomechanics. This course is a fantastic review of anatomy but more importantly the biomechanics! I can’t wait to see how the other videos are. Now, I want to become a Pilates instructor!

  8. Ginger

    One of the hardest, but so good! Has taken me a while to absorb . Will be referring back many times!
    These courses are so fun! Who thought learning could be fun, I enjoy them all! Still have some to go!
    The next is the pelvic tilt! Looking forward to that one!
    I am trying to be a better Pilates instructor! Thank you

  9. CarliM

    A Fantastic course that was very informative and helpful in furthering my understanding of the relationship between Anatomy and Biomechanics, and the influence thereof on the movements and repertoire I teach as an instructor. It was lovely being able to recap on my anatomy while gaining a greater understanding of the function and proper movements needed to help my clients better. The layout, creative videos, and comprehensive manuals made this course a lot more fun and easier to learn and apply in my daily practice (even though it is still difficult).
    Would recommend to ALL.

  10. Shelley

    Even though I have been a Pilates Instructor & Personal Trainer for many years I often felt there were gaps in some of my anatomy and biomechanics knowledge. I thoroughly enjoyed the course and feel it will give me that extra bit of confidence especially when dealing with imbalances, compensations etc. It will be a valuable resource to return to. Many thanks ⭐️

  11. Georgia Weaser

    Highly recommend to anyone who is training to be a Pilates Instructor. I only wish I had done this before my course, as it would have been hugely helpful. Very informative and broke down what is an area I find quite intimidating, into manageable and digestible chunks. I learnt a huge amount and am very thankful that I can now come back to the videos as many times as I want.

  12. Pilates passion

    I loved the content of the course, it was well presented , super explanatory and stimulating , I am pleased to have the content and videos to watch again. Am pleased that I did this course. and do recommend it to all ,
    lysandra Wapp

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