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FULL Shoulder Stability Protocol
18th, 25 June & 2nd July | 14:00 SAST


FULL Shoulder Stability Protocol
18th, 25 June & 2nd July | 14:00 SAST quantity" />

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Learn the ‘FULL Shoulder Stability Protocol LIVE & ONLINE with me! ‘This is where you get to Learn the Shoulder Stability Protocol with ME from anywhere in the world’ This is the course that I have travelled the Globe Teaching! You now have the opportunity to learn the Actual Shoulder Stability Protocol from Step 1 all the way through to Strong, Stable Shoulders. This is an Absolute Game-Changer to any Shoulder Program. It is Not Pre-Recorded, You Get to Work with Me for 6 Hours total which is broken up into 3 x 2 hour sessions. This is how you achieve the Ultimate Shoulder Stability for both You and Your Clients.
  • Session #1 – (2 hours) The Anatomy & Biomechanics, Shoulder Disfunction & Injury
  • Session #2 – (2 hours) Practical Assessment Phase 1 and Re-education Program
  • Session #3 – (2 hours) Practical Assessment Phase 2 and Strengthening Program
You will view EMG Results from our EMG Testing. You will receive a comprehensive study guide with a certificate. You will get the opportunity to do the movements and exercises with me in the comfort of your own home to improve your own shoulder stability. You will get to learn the Brand New Program to mobilize a shoulder effectively after injury. The total value of this work is $1399 and you are getting it at $99 only.
  • FULL Shoulder Stability Protocol Taught by Tanya Thompson
  • Fee: $137
  • Date: 18th, 25th June & 2nd July
  • Time 14:00 SAST
  • Have all your equipment ready