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Do you want to focus on spinal health and stability and you are not sure where to start? This package covers all the elements of successful, functional and client specific spinal health. Learn to deal with various spines and understand the effect these would have on the pelvis. Compensation reduction, precision in execution and client specific training for the spine is one click away!

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Hip, Pelvic and Spinal Anatomy

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Course Overview:

Anatomy never made more sense! Bring the element of amazing to YOUR knowledge & classes by linking ANATOMY TO MOVEMENT!

This course will really open your eyes to movement + anatomy & give you that edge in teaching!

Course Aim:

Aim: This course is to recap and develop insight into the muscles of the pelvic, hip and spine in order to add to the process of pelvic, hip and spinal movement assessment. The professional will understand movement on a client specific level as they delve into the musculoskeletal system in movement.




Spinal Isolation, Restriction & Rehabilitation

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Course Overview:

Spinal movement, rehabilitation & pathology start to make perfect sense as you delve into this in-depth Of-CourseOnline course. Throw all generic spinal programs away & become a Master of Spinal Program Design. Dig deep into the anatomy & more importantly, what does the spine feel like when moving & WHY?

Course Aim:

Aim: This course is to develop insight into the movement of the pelvic, hip and spine in order to add to the process of pelvic, hip and spinal rehabilitation. We take a deeper look into pure and safe movement as well as functional training of the spine with the objective being client specific training.

The Hip Stability WOW Factor

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Course Overview:

Our hips must have the ability to carry us for as long as we live. Once these are injured, then our daily life is affected tremendously. This course is going to give you the knowledge and the tools to assist your clients and patients in creating strength and stability in the hip. They will be able to perform daily movements with ease or even to enhance their current sport.Are you ready to see; our style of presentation and quality of content? Then Let’s DO THIS!

Course Aim:

Aim: We want the professional to provide their client or patient with a client specific hip stability program that takes injuries, sport, age and precision in movement into account. This course will provide them with all the ‘look out for’ negative and positives in a hip program as well as teach them ultimate positioning for maximum output of muscle contractions. If this program is followed, then their clients or patients will achieve amazing results with long term effective movement.

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  1. Reiko

    The course is well designed and help me learn very fast and easily. I truly love it and highly recommended it!

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