Client Movement Assessment


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Course Overview:

This course is designed to provide YOU, the professional, with a comprehensive movement assessment program that can be used for all your clients or patients taking their injuries into consideration. YOU will be able to design a client specific program through assessing these movements efficiently.

You will focus on the Fundamentals of ALL movement, see it on a real individual + follow the course with your ‘home printed’ manual. Client programs have never made SO MUCH SENSE!





CLIENT SPECIFIC training is the basis for all amazing results!


This cannot be achieved without a COMPREHENSIVE CLIENT MOVEMENT ASSESSMENT. 


  • Learn a 60 min comprehensive body assessment + all the repertoire & exactly what to assess during each movement.
  • Obtain the important info to create the CLIENT SPECIFIC program.
  • Always obtain amazing results by using this assessment as your base.
  • Learn movement compensations, restrictions & ease of movement.
  • Take your clients out of all of the postural & generic movement boxes and create their OWN BOX!
  • Assess mind-body connection.
  • Learn to assess fundamental movement principles i.e. hip disassociation, hip flexor – abdominal co-ordination, shoulder stabilization, spinal isolation, spinal restrictions & more.
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