Brilliance in Teaching


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Course Preview:

Course Overview:

Eliminate mundane, boring teaching and start Rocking YOUR classes. Feel inspired & motivated whilst teaching. Embrace excellence & watch your clients or patients BEAMING with joy when they leave your facility.

Have you ever learnt the 5 fundamental principles of Brilliant Teaching? The time is NOW! Are you ready to LOVE your LIFELONG career! Are you ready to leap out of your comfort zone & make your clients come back for more?

Course Aim:

Aim: This course is to guide the instructor in improving their teaching skills. The instructor will be able to implement the 5 fundamental teaching principles and therefore teach classes that are dynamic, inspiring and motivating for both the instructor and the client.





Do you want your clients or patients to achieve AMAZING results?


What will the ‘Brilliance in Teaching’ Course do for YOU?

  • Ensure that your teaching skills motivate & inspire your clients or patients.
  • Ensure that YOU are the positive force that leads to a dynamic effect on your clients or patients results.
  • Assist you to incorporate professional conduct & ethics within your facility.
  • Assist you to incorporate a specific teaching style that will GUARANTEE long term & short term results.
  • Guide you in obtaining amazing skills in your practical teaching by learning 5 fundamental teaching principles.
  • Assist you in obtaining loyal, lifelong clients / patients.
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