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Brilliance in Teaching - Upskill Your Teaching

$ 47.00

Course Preview:



Course Overview:

How much focus was there on ‘HOW TO TEACH’ during your training? Did you feel a bit lost when you had to take that first class? Maybe you were confused as to when you must say what and how you should say it? Then at some point they said, you need to remember to correct a compensations but your were not sure when to do this? Maybe you see clients come and go rather than come and STAY! You are NOT alone. We all felt like this. We all felt that somebody needed to teach us the skill that we needed to be an excellent teacher. This course is going to break everything down for you. You are going to have many ‘ah-ha’ moments as we dive into what is not working versus what is going to take your teaching to the next level. Why do we know this works, well we do it ourselves and we retain 98% of our clients. In-fact, we have a waiting list of clients. And, we have done the necessary EMG testing to prove that your teaching style makes a difference to a clients performance in an exercise. Yes, we put science to teaching!

Have you ever learnt the 5 fundamental principles of Brilliant Teaching? The time is NOW! Are you ready to LOVE your LIFELONG career! Are you ready to leap out of your comfort zone & make your clients come back for more?

Course Objective:

This course is going to help you improve your teaching skills tremendously. You will learn:

  • the 5 fundamental teaching principles which will help you teach classes that are dynamic, inspiring and motivating for both you and the client.
  • studio ethics and acceptable behaviour
  • how to incorporate biomechanical cues into your classes
  • how to alter and use your voice depending of the ‘class type’ and ‘client type’
  • how to talk a client seamlessly through an exercise

Course Material:

  • Downloadable and printable manual
  • Course video/s
  • Downloadable and printable course summary page
  • Quick test
  • Immediate certificate

How does it work?

As soon as you purchase your course, it will be available immediately in your MY COURSES at the top of your screen. Start immediately!

You require 70% to pass the quick test. If you do not pass, you are able to retake the test at anytime. Your downloadable certificate will be immediately available when you pass.

You have absolutely nothing to lose with our 30 day Money Back guarantee, so go on, CLICK ADD TO CART and let’s get you started!






Do you want your clients or patients to achieve AMAZING results?


What will the ‘Brilliance in Teaching’ Course do for YOU?

  • Ensure that your teaching skills motivate & inspire your clients or patients.
  • Ensure that YOU are the positive force that leads to a dynamic effect on your clients or patients results.
  • Assist you to incorporate professional conduct & ethics within your facility.
  • Assist you to incorporate a specific teaching style that will GUARANTEE long term & short term results.
  • Guide you in obtaining amazing skills in your practical teaching by learning 5 fundamental teaching principles.
  • Assist you in obtaining loyal, lifelong clients / patients.
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