Powerful CIMR in movement!

With so many methods of movement in the industry and with countless principles that need to be adhered to, there is one principle that is still unknown. This principle encompasses the fundamental law for all stability of some of our main functional movements i.e walking, the action of sitting down, climbing stairs, extending our knees and performing safe spinal rotation.

This principle is Conscious Initiated Muscular Resistance.

You may ask what on earth this might be? Well this is a principle that takes all exercise and training to a level that will make the EMG monitor ‘beep’ often. 

CIMR catch phrase

We can write as much as we like about CIMR but the proof is in the pudding as seen in the image below where we make use of an EMG. 

CIMR table

You will see on the table above that the first reading for the TFL and Erector Spinae were taken whilst the candidate was producing a seated hip flexion with the general compensation of posteriorly tilting the pelvis. The second reading is when they applied CIMR. You will see that the reading increased considerably after applying CIMR.

In the second exercise the candidate performed a seated knee extension with hip flexion. The second reading of 302uV vs. 182uV was due to the application of CIMR.

What did they do to obtain CIMR? They consciously activated their lumbar back extensors slightly to maintain pelvic stability. And so we can do the same for many other areas of the body.

CIMR can be applied to spinal rotation, hip flexion, hip extension, hip abduction and spinal extension to name a few.

The results are:

  1. Increased activation of the primary mover
  2. Increased activation of the movement stabilizer
  3. No compensations
  4. Better toning
  5. Efficient rehabilitation
  6. Injury prevention
  7. Isolation of primary mover groups

We can do all kinds of exercises for all kinds of reasons but the success of these exercises lies in the;

  • How to do them efficiently.
  • The principle of CIMR.
  • Precision in Movement.
  • Instructors cues.
  • Application of client specific training.
  • How YOU teach.

DO NOT JUST GIVE AN EXERCISE, TEACH AN EXERCISE and ensure that your knowledge is evident in your teaching. Bring the science into your work. If this is something that you want to pursue then make use of Of-CourseOnline.com. This is this companies MAIN FOCUS. 

MAKING EVOLUTION in movement happen and keeping it simple. 

That is the HEALTHY TRUTH!


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