Plank it right or DON’T plank!

The most popular exercise to date. THE PLANK!

This must be one of the most poorly performed exercises in the history of isometric work. The implications of this poorly performed exercise is injury to the shoulders and lumbar spine. 

Yes we know this….what’s new????

Well the anatomy of how it really works might be new to some. So here goes!

  1. Neutral neck extensor activation
  2. Serratus Anterior activation will keep you from retracting the scapula and therefore aid in the stability of the shoulder.
  3. Lower Trapezius and Pectoralis Minor activation to maintain scapula position towards the hips.
  4. Try and maintain thoracic extension activation to avoid Pectoralis Major from compensating / dominating for Serratus Anterior.
  5. Lower abdominal activation to maintain the pubic symphosis pulling towards the Naval to avoid lumbar extension and strain on discs and vertebra.
  6. Full abdominals to maintain spinal position.
  7. Hip flexors to maintain the height of the pelvis.
  8. Quadriceps to maintain extended knees.
  9. Deltoid Anterior activation to maintain still position of the Humeus.

NO GLUTEALS ARE NECESSARY! The strength should come from the lower abdominals.


  1. Lose lower abdominals.
  2. Lose Serratus Anterior (retracting scapula).
  3. Extend the neck.


  1. Lumbar spine; discs, nerves and vertebra
  2. Shoulders; rotator cuff, Gleno-humeral joint.

SPREAD THE WORD and promote a healthy Plank or Front Support.

That is the HEALTHY TRUTH!

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