Pilates deserves way more credit!


Ok, so yes I have been doing Pilates for 20 years and yes this means I am no spring chicken to it either but it also means that I have some serious experience in what Pilates can actually do for the human body!

I am yet to see an article in a magazine that does not show a plank, ball, single leg stretches and pelvic hinge, but actually shows the amazing world of the Pilates Equipment repertoire.

Often when a client is early for their session at my studio they will sit and have a cup of coffee and get the opportunity to watch the other instructors teach or watch an instructor training themselves. They are in awe of what can be done on this equipment as well as the beauty of the movement.

I am so over planks, pelvic hinges on the ball and teasers in a magazine. So much research is done on all other forms of exercise and article after article of the same stuff is seen in these magazines. But there is nothing new! Whenever they write about healthy exercise, they talk of yoga. Huh? Is that it? No Pilates? Is everyone sleeping?


Ok, so you pay quite a bit for a Pilates session, but to be 100% honest, this is investing in your body. This is NOT about quick fixes, it is about exercise that is focused on pretty much everything.

You wanna tone..do Pilates…you wanna rehabilitate…do Pilates….you wanna enhance your sport….do Pilates….you are pregnant….do Pilates….you need to de-stress…do Pilates….you need a holistic approach to your body…do Pilates….you want variety …do Pilates EQUIPMENT….you want less aches and pains….do Pilates…..and the list goes on and one.

I have trained professional sportsmen/women, the elderly, the super fit, the not so fit, the broken, pregnant ladies, those that just need to do something ….& guess what? The are addicted. We have a minimum of 540 exercises to choose from and then these can be modified to make over 2500 exercises. You will never be bored. 20 years later and I am more addicted than ever before.

Every sport or exercise is predisposed to certain injuries except Pilates. I have never injured myself in Pilates, but I have done so in dancing, the gym, running and Muay Thai. There is a reason for this. Pilates PROMOTES LONGEVITY & it is client specific on a level unparalleled by any other sport or exercise form. It is by far the best cross training method that is out there.

My only advice is that you make sure that you land up at a professional studio. There are some under-qualified ones out there. Like anything, you get bad beauticians and you get great beauticians and then you get fantastic beauticians. When you find the fantastic one, you will be beaming with joy and you will feel at home. That is what you want.

What is the energy like at the place you exercise? It has to be inviting and make you feel at peace. Then you know that you are at the right place.

So this is my bit to get you to open your eyes to the Cadillac, Reformer, Wunda Chair, Ladder Barrel, Spine Corrector and many more.

Get hooked on the right things in life. The things that are going to prolong your health, your joints and your overall well-being.

Get hooked on the Pilates Equipment!


‘Be truly grateful for your health, your job, your family and any opportunity to learn for these are necessities that many do not have.’

Now tag a friend that needs a little Pilates Love in their life…which is probably everyone!


Tanya Thompson – CEO Pilates Unlimited – the Art of Movement & Of-CourseOnline

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