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Pilates Cadillac training ($1626)

Enhance your career by learning the theory and repertoire of the Pilates Cadillac

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Course Dates

Eash session will run from 14h00-17h00:
- Thursday 25th August
- Friday 26th August
- Thursday 8th September
- Friday 9th September


Pilates Cadillac Equipment training (4 x 3-hour sessions)

Make the Pilates Cadillac part of your expertise and qualifications and revolutionize your client workouts!

There is something humbling and grounding about working out on the Pilates Cadillac. This unique piece of equipment will enable you to work your client’s body in ways that they never thought were possible. It will take their body to new heights as you teach them movements that their body so deeply yearns for. Where else could you get clients hanging off of bars with their feet in a trapeze, or creating the most incredible movements of their body on a bed that enhances every inch of that movement?

And let us not forget how the Cadillac will transform your exercise routine too. This course is not only for the client, this course is for YOU too!

The course covers all the theory and repertoire of the Pilates Cadillac (this is a live ONLINE course on specific days at specific times). This is where you learn the theory and repertoire of another amazing Pilates Apparatus. The Pilates Cadillac. This dynamic apparatus will have your clients begging you for more as they find their bodies doing the most amazing movements on a new, yet foreign apparatus.

The Pilates Cadillac is ideal for all your clients because of its versatility. This entails:

You will start with us Online as we take you through this course LIVE.

Joining us live will give you the opportunity to ask questions, interact with other students and get to know us personally. Trust us when we say our Live courses feel like we are sitting with you in the room! If you are looking for a course that covers biomechanics, anatomy, amazing repertoire and the best explanations within the Pilates Industry then you have come to the right place. We are known for our comprehensive approach to education. We want you to leave here feeling that you received so much more than you could have possibly imagined.

Module 1 (3 hours):

We will be covering the theory where we introduce you to the various parts of the Cadillac, how it works and how it adapts to all bodies. We will be covering theory on equipment care and safety. You will also learn the Cadillac repertoire of module 1.

Module 2 (3 hours):

We will be covering the theory of dynamic Cadillac training through body positioning in relation to relative Cadillac resistance. This is where we teach you how the positioning of your body on the Cadillac will change the dynamics of the exercise. Understanding this module will encourage better program design. You will also learn the Cadillac repertoire of module 2.

Module 3 (3 hours):

We will be covering the theory of how to effectively Design a program on the Cadillac that is tailored to your client’s needs. You will also learn the Cadillac repertoire of module 3.

Module 4 (3 hours):

We will be covering the theory of effective joint care through Pilates Cadillac training. Understanding the spring tensions, various body positioning options and exercises that will encourage your client’s joint longevity. You will also learn the Cadillac repertoire of module 4.

What are the learning outcomes of this course?

The main objective is for the you to complete the Pilates Cadillac Course (attending the 4 days + 60 apprentice hours) and the assessments in order to receive your Pilates Qualification. You will be able to work in a professional Pilates studio or open your own Pilates studio and let us not forget the opportunity to teach online Cadillac classes which means the world is your oyster.

Strengthening the clients functionally will be your main objective and through doing this course, you will be able to create programs that will reach their clients goals.

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