People relations & skills.


If there is one thing that I want to teach my children, it is how to communicate effectively with people.

In the health and wellness industry as well as in many other industries, we have to apply ourselves a little more in order to have EXCELLENT PEOPLE SKILLS! In today’s times, businesses have expanded or popped up at an incredible rate. BUT what is missing?


In my line of work, the health and fitness industry, imagine if I was personalityless (if there even is such a word). It would never work. And for many it does not. The company is seen as a business and that is it. The money must keep rolling and then all are happy. BUT, the money will stop rolling if you are missing one very important element of a people environment.


Why is this missing in many studios or businesses? Because people don’t really care anymore. They think that if the service is good in a people environment and they present a good class, that the client will be back. The truth is, that some will be back but many will disappear.

At a fitness or health studio, it is the clients opportunity to spend some time on themselves. Why would they do that if they do not feel welcome, cared for or a priority at that moment.

Ask yourself?

  1. Do you connect with your client on professional but personal level?
  2. Are you like-able (and be honest with yourself here)?
  3. Do you take the time to listen to what they need?
  4. Do you show that you are interested in what they have to say?
  5. Do you follow up with them when you know that they are going through a difficult time?
  6. Do you follow up with them after a tough or challenging session?
  7. Do you seem warm and approachable?

It is super important that you understand that the minority of people are interested in a closed, cold and unapproachable instructor or person.

I am by no means old, but I am 38, and I have met some interesting people in interesting places. Some with amazing people skills and others who just plain suck at it!

What went wrong? All I know is, that I want to raise my two girls in a way that will hopefully set the parameters for good people interaction and common sense in the workplace. Will I get it right? Only time will tell……….

But for now, I am hoping that someone will read this, assess their own skills and make a positive change if necessary or just give themselves a good pat on the back.

At the end of the day, your career and life depends on it!



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