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Pilates was founded in the early 1900’s and has since evolved and change lives worldwide. It’s adaptability, mind-body component, flow, intensity and client specific properties enable us to help, from the weakest to the strongest of clients. In doing so, we are able to guide our clients in not only exercising but doing so mindfully and therefore, take them on a spectacular journey towards Longevity.

This Pilates Mat All-Inclusive course was professionally filmed to bring you the very best of our work to ensure that our students have access to all that is required in order to obtain a Top-Quality Pilates certification. The course covers; Pilates theory, anatomy in movement, postures, movement principles, client specific training, modifications, contraindications, basic to advanced Pilates repertoire with a comprehensive breakdown of each exercise, teaching techniques and so much more. With over 20 years in this industry and training individuals such as yourself since 2004, we know exactly what a Pilates Instructor yearns to learn throughout their career and you are about to get it all. While the rest of us had to search for years and years to get this information together. And many instructors are still searching.

1. Online Pilates Mat Course:

You will start with the Pilates Mat ONLINE COURSE that comprises on 27 professional videos with your two Comprehensive Manuals which will enable you to take this course with ease. You will also have access to student resources that will guide you in becoming a Top Pilates Instructor who not only knows the Pilates repertoire, but also understands the biomechanics of the body. The content of the Mat courses videos and manuals are as follows:

Module 1: The History of Pilates, Pilates Principles and Pilates Repertoire

In this module, you will learn the History of Pilates, Body types, Principles of Pilates, FAQ’S about Pilates, Terminology, Positional terminology, Directional terminology, Joint Movements Muscles types, Planes of motion, the spine and pelvic Skeletal anatomy, the pelvis, Neutral pelvis, Pelvic tilts, Muscles that affect the pelvic tilt and the Core. Enjoy watching and learning as the high-quality anatomy images appear on your screen and create an amazing learning experience. You will also learn the Pilates repertoire.

Module 2: Anatomy of the neck, Skeletal muscle and motor units, Types of muscle contractions: Isotonic and Isometric and Pilates Repertoire

In this module, you will learn the cross section of a muscle, the Motor unit, Muscles that affect the neck, Muscles that affect the spine and torso, Muscles that affect the pelvis, Muscular imbalances, Functional Movement Patterns, Core Stability, Functions of the Transverse Abdominus, Posterior Support, ‘Pelvic core’: pelvic floor and deep sacral glutes, Pelvic Floor, Piriformis, Types of Muscle Contractions and Stabilizers Initiators and Movers.

Module 3: Anatomy of the upper and lower extremities and Pilates Repertoire

In this module, you will learn Muscle anatomy, developing correct alignment and mechanics, what makes an exercise effective, Movement assessment and chain reactions and Shoulder stability. Enjoy watching and learning as the high-quality anatomy images appear on your screen and create an amazing learning experience. You will also learn the Pilates repertoire.

Module 4: Muscles and areas to test, Ideal alignment, Posture types and Body basics in relation to posture and Pilates Repertoire

In this module, you will learn Postures, Postural assessments, Gait cycle, Scoliosis, Analyzing the knee joint, Body Basics in relation to posture. You will also learn the Pilates repertoire.

Module 5: Professional Conduct, Areas and movements to test in a body assessment and Pilates Repertoire

In this module, you will learn Professional conduct, Areas and Movements to Test, Hip Dissociation, Body assessments, how to teach and Mat class structure. You will also learn the Pilates repertoire.

This course never expires so you can refer back to it at any time.

2. Continuing Education Courses:

When you are ready, you will then go on to do our additional 31 professionally filmed videos that cover relevant topics that you will encounter as a Pilates Instructor. These courses will give you the clinical background required in order to assist your clients in their post injury recovery training.

This course never expires so you can refer back to it at any time. The topics are:

3. Recorded Webinars:

When you are ready, you can start with our 27 recorded webinars on industry related topics that will help you to reach that level of excellence in your career. 

The topics are:

4. Innovative Fusion Classes:

You will also have access to our 18 recorded innovative fusion classes where you will dive into the creativity and innovative aspect of your Pilates Career. Here you will learn some innovative group classes that are topic specific.

This is sure to get your creative juices flowing. The classes include:

5. Additional Free Educational Videos with Handouts

You will get to enjoy these additional 30 – 45minute videos on specific popular topics within the Pilates and movement industry. These topics cover the burning questions that instructors have. This is an added bonus that is going to help you skyrocket your knowledge.

The topics cover:

We take the mind-body connection to new heights as we teach you to teach mindfully and develop that embodiment of movement in your clients. We dedicate two full hour videos to ‘HOW TO TEACH’ so that you are able to develop your teaching style and skills in order to assist you in achieving your professional goals and retain your clients.

This Pilates Unlimited Course will change the way you view movement and exercise by merging the science, art, biomechanics and feeling of movement through our unique approach. This is the evolution of Pilates.

What are the learning outcomes of this course?

The main objective is for the you to complete the Pilates Mat Course (27 videos + apprentice hours) and the assessments in order to receive your Pilates Qualification. You will be able to work in a professional Pilates studio or open your own Pilates studio and let us not forget the opportunity to teach online which means the world is your oyster.

Your clients will experience embodied movement that encourages flexibility, relaxation, intense training, functional training, mind-body training and goal driven workouts. Longevity is key in any Pilates class. You will focus on corrective exercise and movement that will improve overall health and wellbeing making Pilates your ‘go to’ exercise to encourage better movement, better posture and meaningful cross-training. Pilates will also assist your clients in de-stressing and relaxing. Not only is this course filled with relative content, but the visuals and explanations are going to take your movement knowledge to the next level.

This Pilates Unlimited Course is going to take you on a journey of movement discovery for both you and anyone whom you teach. Many Health Care Professionals also prescribe Pilates to their patients as a safe means of getting stronger after various operations or injuries. Therefore, this will expand your market greatly as you are now able to complete the final phase strengthening of a patient once they have the go-ahead to exercise.

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