Movement Assessment – Are you living on the edge ?

movement assessment

Are Movement Assessments Necessary?

There are professionals and then there are PROFESSIONALS! The question is, which one ARE you and which one do you THINK you are?

Do you do a client movement assessment the first time that you see your client or patient? If you are doing an assessment, is it comprehensive and professional enough? If it is, then fantastic! Well done. You are one of the minority. If you had any doubt when answering that question, then maybe it needs a bit of tweaking or maybe CLIENT MOVEMENT ASSESSMENTS need to be introduced completely. 


Because it separates the girls from the women and the boys from the men. It makes your work super professional and it brings in an additional element of satisfaction within yourself. What does every person need? Courage, love, determination, knowledge and compassion.

A body assessment will encompass all of that!


You will have the courage to take on a body assessment with 100% effort and feel confident in your findings. You will show that you have a passion for what you do. It will show that you are determined to make a success of your career. It will inspire you as you embark on new found knowledge which encompasses the natural element of growth.  Once you know more about your client, now you will have compassion for their needs!

In a body assessment, we are looking for very specific information in order to design a client specific program that will reap amazing results.

If a person is serious about their MOVEMENT CAREER then there is no doubt in my mind that a Body Assessment is VITAL within your facility. How can you give client specific programs or teach movement without this information? Each individual is different and there is no better way of learning more about your client than through alone time with them in a comprehensive assessment. 

Now you have taken it to the next level. Now you are really going to make a difference and your clients or patients will always be coming back for more!

If you want to have an idea of what a movement assessment result sheet will look like, then don’t miss the next blog post……..It will change your career for good!

If you want to take the leap and set  yourself on a path of growth, then watch as we do a body assessment on Of-CourseOnline by the professional courses. Embrace this method and make a huge difference in your career!

That is the Healthy Truth!


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