Knee Stability

Knee Stability Precision

Knee Stability
Knee issues occur accross the board. 

Whether you are a runner, accountant, dancer, geriatric, cyclist or none of the above. Knee injuries can happen to anyone!

Knee rehabilitation programs are also quite similar everywhere BUT something is missing. My speciality is:

Movement Rehabilitation and Movement PRECISION

….which takes Rehabilitation to an amazing level of success. 

  • What does the KNEE feel like in certain Rehabilitation exercises?
  • Why are some of the most common exercises dangerous for the knee?
  • What do structural knock knees feel like when you perform adduction with extended knees?
  • How do we treat postural knock knees and postural bow legs successfully?
  • What other Stability elements are vitally important in order to achieve long term knee stability?
  • Is it possible to have a structural knock knee accompanied with a postural bow leg?

These are questions that have to be easily answered if you are going to assist a client in achieving knee stability in order to improve Client Specific FUNCTIONALITY!

A lateral tilt in a pelvis can create havoc on the knee joint especially if it is coupled with an anterior pelvic tilt. Even worse if the hip flexors are tight when in a standing position.

I have assisted a 400m and 800m Olympic Athlete clarify why her right knee and lumbar spine had to be treated regularly during her career. Unfortunately, this was the very first time that she had heard the information that I had given her?!

How is that even possible?

The knee injury was a direct result of her pelvic position and inflexibility issues. 

The same goes for ANYBODY!

The generic knee programs must stop and real care of the entire system must be implemented.

The most important question is ….WHAT DOES THE KNEE ACTUALLY FEEL LIKE….when you are performing or teaching the exercises?

If you are more PRESENT AND AWARE of the program and the patient that you are dealing with, then all the puzzle pieces fit together perfectly.

Get into that knee, feel the knee, be the knee….and finally FIX the knee!

Even easier than that…watch our FREE KNEE STABILITY WOW FACTOR COURSE (20minutes). And if you love what you see upgrade to the FULL VERSION!

That is the HEALTHY TRUTH!

Tanya Thompson – CEO & Founder Of-CourseOnline  & Pilates Unlimited – the ART of Movement. 


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