I think I can, I know I can….get inspired!


It is a fact that most people work 50% of their life, sleep 30% of their life and relax 20% of their life. If you think about this, that is a lot of work, very little sleep and most certainly way too little time to relax.

Yes we know that we are not always present. We are not leading a mindful life where we are supposed to focus on one thing at a time. We have goals, careers, children, families and then of course our own interests.

What if we are not sure what those interests are?  

In the exercise or rehabilitation industry, we get to meet people on all different levels. Happy, sad, angry, depressed, excited, chilled, emotional……….! We are professionals who have been paid to help our clients feel better in their own skin. We end up supporting them through so much more than just exercise or rehab.

This is what I love about my career! I get to meet so many different individuals with different personalities that there cannot be a boring day. We judge adults as adults but I like to see adults as adults who were babies crawling around on their parents floor in nappies. Growing up in a home with its own challenges or no challenges at all. When we see people like this, then we really get to SEE people. 

My job is not only about making people feel great about their bodies, their improvements or the injuries that have improved. My job is to make them feel so much better once they have finished the one hour that they have with me, how ever many times a week they come to the studio. 

My goal for every session is….‘Today, I am going to make you feel fantastic!’ Whether it be emotionally or physically! You will walk out with a big thank you in your heart or a huge smile on your face! Maybe you had a great cry, maybe we stopped the session and sat outside and drank tea, maybe we worked really really hard, maybe your headache is gone, maybe tomorrow your ‘bum’ is gonna be so sore, but most certainly, you WILL feel good!

It is true that if you put a bit more of yourself into your work so that others can get the best of you, they will appreciate you for it….then it is not work, it is your passion.

‘If you love what you do and you put everything into every task that lies before you, then you will never work another day in your life!’ As I write this, it is 11:30pm. My two little girls are fast asleep and I am motivated and inspired to write this piece because it is my passion. If you can make someone feel good today, then today must have been a good day. You do not have to give tangible gifts to people to make them feel good. You just have to listen, be present and give a little bit more of your energy and yourself in your work.


The world needs more love, so why not start at home, work and with your friends. 

Then you have the 3 most important areas of your life covered. You will then be showered with what you need. Hopefully you give to those that appreciate it, but if they do not, then that doesn’t change the fact that you did the right thing!

Smile more, give more, show your family, clients and friends that you are here to stay and you are their number one ‘pick me up’! You will be dearly appreciated. But remember to make ME time!

ALWAYS GIVE MORE THAN YOU RECEIVE! And it will flow back to you in due course.

Go out there and give the best damn sessions that you can give. If you hit a lull, then say to yourself, ‘Do every single task to the best of your ability, (your name), no matter how small the task is!’ And then think to yourself, ‘Dear client, right now you are going to do the best damn pelvic curl or bridge that you have ever done, cause that is how awesome I am going to teach it!’

Get inspired, take a leap, love what you do again, be the best instructor or professional that you can be!

Click here and just leap out of the box. Get motivated and inspired! 

That is the HEALTHY TRUTH!



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