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Gluteus Medius Side Walk

Why is Flexibility Important?

Sitting to Standing

TFL vs Gluteus Medius

The Foam Roller Miracle

Lets Get Jumping

Conscious Initiated Muscular Resistance CIMR


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Scapula re-education


Modified squats

Effective spinal work


Golf Specific

Deceiving Shoulder Stability

TRX Arms with precision

TRX combo

TRX shoulder precision

Shoulder flexion compensation vs precision

TRX shoulder Stability

Wobble board stability

Gliding scapula

Trapeze shoulder stability

Flowing roll up

Modified squats

Poor vs good tricep form

Segmental Spinal Extension

Effective Deltoid training form

Shoulder abduction stability

Rotator cuff compensations

Shoulder stability and thoracic extension

Single leg Gluteus Maximus

Higher load Serratus Anterior Activation

Side plank shoulder performance

Side plank compensation vs Serratus Activation

Shoulder Stability – National Cricket Player

High load shoulder stability

Functional training

Ball obliques. Perfect form.

Innovative obliques

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Shake Things Up


Movement Fusion


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