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FoodforThought_web_logo2           It Is the little things that count!                

So in life, there are a few rules. These rules apply in your professional and personal environment. Imagine if we could just stick to one or more of these points each day. I try my best to live by these points everyday. I honestly feel that these would make us better human beings and therefore literally make the world a better place!

  1. Do everything to the best of your ability no matter how small the task might be because this will lead you to great places.
  1. Care more, love more & be patient. In doing so, you become conscientious which is a priceless attribute.
  1. Always do more than is expected of you, regardless of whether it is noticed or not. It is an act of self-growth, progression and gratification.
  1. Always be present & in that presence give 110%.
  1. Be truly grateful for your health, your job, your family and any opportunity to learn, for these are necessities that many do not have.
  1. Always be helpful & friendly to family, colleagues and friends in order to nurture relationships. All good relationships are worth gold in the present and in the future.
  1. Ask yourself daily……What positive difference you can make today?
  1. Are you a contributor or a taker?
  1. Do you deserve to receive or do you expect to receive? If you analyze your conduct carefully, you might see that it is in favor of expectation and not deserving.
  1. A state of happiness is a personal and mindful choice whereby you receive what you give. Be rude and impatient and others will retaliate with the same. Those who are mindful will choose NOT to choose you.
  1. Bring all your energy everyday & make each day just another day for all those around you to love you.
  1. Environment is not a factor, your attitude and conduct is.
  1. Always give more in value than you receive! (this is my favorite point)
  1. Believing in that which you cannot see places you on an extraordinary level of achieving anything!

Nobody is perfect, but that does not mean that we cannot try and be the best version of ourselves. People have become so self absorbed without any consideration for others situations, opinions or lives. It is all about them, them, them. Sad really! They always want an easy way out or an easy way up, never really seeing the wood for the trees! 

The world is full of sadness, hurt, fear and judgement. But if we try these few points then we will start to see happiness, love, courage and beauty! With this, we can achieve absolutely anything! Without it, we will succeed in some areas of our lives but most certainly fail in others!

That is the HEALTHY TRUTH!

Tanya Thompson: CEO & Pilates Unlimited the Art Of Movement.


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