find peace

Find peace in the eye of the Storm


Sometimes things around us change at a pace that we are not able to control.

It seems that we are sitting on a runaway train and maybe, just maybe, it is all going to run off the edge of the cliff, or maybe it is all going to play out exactly as it should.

Either way, we could be in for a rough ride.

This statement can relate to business or your personal life. Maybe you want to make HUGE changes and put yourself in an uncomfortable position that leaves you feeling vulnerable. Nothing around you is making sense, nothing is falling into place at your pace. But we all know how this works; with the right attitude, it all comes together at exactly the right time. It all makes sense as it falls into place one step at a time.

Are you able to sit in the EYE OF THE STORM, in silence as everything around you changes, gets flung around or falls apart? Are you able to shut your eyes and remain calm because you have that unwavering faith that everything will happen exactly as it should? Can you remain focused on the end goal as circumstances change around you one step at a time.

PATIENCE, PASSION, FOCUS, RESILIENCE, ADAPTABILITY and above all Believing in that which you cannot see will keep you calm; body, mind and soul, as things around you start to change, metamorphosize and unfold.

My routine, for as long as I can remember, is to wake up at 4am everyday. I take this time to set my focus and mood for the day (and sure, my mood might change if my children are particularly slow that morning to get ready for school). But I need this time to set my focus, drink my first cappuccino in silence and gather my thoughts, or possibly plan the next step to embark on a new adventure or continue with current goals.

If you have ever had a goal in mind that seemed bigger than your mind could compute, the amount of mind work that goes into achieving that goal is immeasurable. The emotions that go with your goal form a vital part of the pace of its achievement and beyond it all, patience and faith in knowing that if you do things the right way, it will all unfold EXACTLY AS IT SHOULD. Every challenge can be seen as a guide to be stronger, better and more resilient. Rather than judging your failures, judge your ability to overcome them. In this lies a powerful recipe with the addition of doing the best you can no matter how small the task is. If you give your best, how can you reap the worst? It just does not make sense. And maybe what you think is best, is not…. the best is YET to come!

So on this day; take a step back, look at what you have endured, pursued, overcome and worked your butt off for… then pat yourself on the back (because nobody else will), be grateful and always give back.

Keep humility and gratitude close to your heart…. and above all CARE!

That is the healthy truth!

Tanya Thompson – CEO and Founder- Pilates Unlimited – the Art of Movement and


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