Exercise at home…What? Never! Okay maybe?


Life is busy, stress is increasing, relationships are changing and technology is depleting our chances of exercising. 

We will find a million excuses not to go for the run, not to go to the Pilates studio, not to go to the gym or to miss yoga class. At the end of the day the only person responsible for YOUR body is YOU! Nothing will every change if you do not make the choice to do things differently.

If you could click your fingers and it would all be different, then what would be different?

Would you be thinner, fatter, healthier or would you just want to feel better? Often the disappointment that goes with the decision not to live the healthier life is what gets to us.

Why not change the way you see exercise and food?


Try saying this to yourself: ‘I exercise to be healthy and I eat well to keep my body healthy from the inside. That is my way of saying ‘Thank you’ to my body for carrying me through every day and not breaking down.’ Oh, guess what the bonus of my choice is? ‘I am in better shape and I have less aches and pains. I also do not feel so guilty if I eat something that is a bit unhealthy because 90% of the time, I am healthy.’

If you can adopt this attitude then so many aspects of health are going to change for you. You do not have to exercise 6 times a week but  you have to do something.

Do home programs. Choose home programs that are in the best interested of longevity and not in the interest of awesome shape with injured joints.

Nothing will ever happen if you do not take charge of the situation. of-courseonline.com has awesome home programs coming soon that you can do in the comfort of your own home. The objective is to target specific joints in the body to obtain strength and stability in order to be healthy and look great. The bonus course is ‘The Art of Relaxation,’ which focuses on bringing you back down to YOU to the point of total relaxation. This is vital for every single human being! You will not delete stress if you do not make the effort to do so!

Remember, that in order to live healthily you need to feed your body the right foods and do the right things that will make your body smile. 

Take 30minutes 3 times a week and choose your program for the day that will lead you to a life of longevity. 

Prevention is better than cure.

That is the HEALTHY TRUTH!


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