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Are you ready to be Inspired and meet the Professionals of Of-CourseOnline in person? Our Live Courses are an Experience NOT TO BE MISSED with amazing presentations, course manuals and innovative methods and techniques.

Intrigue your mind

What if you are about to learn something completely new? Something that will change the way you view your body, your shoulders & your hips.

Making Sense

What if the light is about to go on & everything is about to make perfect sense?


Or what if this journey is going to get you to search for the information within your own mind?


The fundamentals of safe and efficient training for hypermobility is addressed in this course. We take a look at understanding hypermobility, the precautions as well as the objectives. Learn about an easy hypermobility assessment and see us do this assessment on a 7-year-old girl who is extremely hypermobile and watch as we train a hypermobile lady in order to encourage strength and stability with all of the precautions in mind.

This course enables the Movement Professional to teach an effective hypermobility-based session that will encourage better alignment and functional strength within the body. The professional will also learn all precautionary measures as well as the objectives when designing a hypermobility program. After completing this course, the professional will also have a deeper understanding of how hypermobility affects the joints, organs, anxiety levels and tendons.

Training Your Eye

‘Training your eye’ is a fundamental skill that is needed for any Movement or Rehabilitation Professional. In order to assist a client or patient in obtaining optimal results, the 5 fundamental Movement Principles (hip-flexor abdominal co-ordination, hip disassociation, spinal articulation and isolation, shoulder free movement and stability and mind-body connection) need to be addressed with a ‘hawks’ eye from the Professional. Knowing exactly what you are looking for with regards to each movement principle and how to fix any compensation in that movement will enable your client or patient to obtain optimal results in any rehabilitation program.

This course enables the Movement Professional to note all compensations as well as bring in the 5 fundamental Movement Principles that will create a holistic, full-body approach to any exercise program. If health whilst training is what you are after then this is exactly what every single client or patient needs to be able to accomplish. You will now be able to view assess and correct the compensations that occur within the 5 Fundamental Movement Principles.

The Course

Stationery to make notes, a light lunch and wear comfortable exercise clothes.

Of-courseonline is about to bring you an eye-opening experience of what lies within our amazing live courses. It is time to bring in the protocol of successful stability and exercise, but from a client specific perspective.
No more generic programs… the time is now to make a big change in our approach and create stability that will promote joint health and longevity.


  • Cost: £135 (approx. 170 USD)
  • Date: 20 October
  • Time: 9:30am - 5pm
  • Phone: +441884 251222
  • Venue: Red Yew Studio First Floor Former Library Memorial Building, Angel Hill Tiverton, Devon EX16 6PE
  • Organiser: Stacy Weeks
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