Dance Anatomy – Know It!

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Being able to use your body as an amazing form of Art is a GIFT!

Knowing the inner workings of this GIFT is a necessity!

Do you believe this statement to be TRUE?

Being a dancer means that you have the privilege of open spaces, big studios, music, movement and mind-body perfection. 

It all seems so simple….but what if there are areas that you know you struggle with. Why do some movements seem so easy for you whilst others seem so impossible?

What if I told you, that if YOU understand the inner workings of your body better, only then will you be able to improve on the tough parts. You will be able to teach better dance classes and know what your students are REALLY capable of.

We are all unique which means that our bodies do not work the same. Some are amazing at GRAND ALLEGRO, others at PETIT ALLEGRO, and those very lucky ones at ADAGE…. you name it because you know it.

What if I told you that a lateral pelvic tilt can affect it all? What if I told you that a slight leg length discrepancy can affect it all?

So what would you need to know?

  • The pelvic, hip & spinal anatomy

This will form your basis for all movement. It is NOT only about the core.

  • What allows you to get leg height?
  • What restricts leg height?
  • What allows turn-out?
  • What restricts turn-out?
  • How much turn-out is normal?
  • When will turn-out hurt me?
  • How can I control my pelvis as my legs move?
  • How can I obtain maximum stability?
  • How can I pinpoint injury and weakness?

One simple answer….KNOW YOUR ANATOMY! From there the road in endless…but first the road needs to start. 

It starts with you and educating yourself on what really makes you move.

How can we dance without this knowledge? How can we teach without this knowledge?

Anatomy is a vital part of your career and therefore you need to take the step to embrace it, learn it and make it an art and science in one. 

I wish I knew it all when I was dancing! I want to give it to you! How?

Look at the Of-CourseOnline Hip, pelvic and spinal anatomy course. It will be a special gift that you give yourself. 

Dance through the movement, feel the movement and really UNDERSTAND the movement! Now you can RESPECT the art of the movement and what your body has to go through to produce the BEAUTY OF MOVEMENT.

That is the Healthy Truth!

Tanya Thompson (Founder & CEO – & Pilates Unlimited – the Art of Movement)

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