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This video was filmed in 2018. Any information relating to  member registration information and/or discounts has changed since and is no longer applicable.


In this video we look at weak hip stability, restrictions happening in the hip, so that you can get a better idea of why people’s hips are failing.
We also look at the anatomy involved in successful hip work.

Why is hip stability not successful?
Which areas are we missing?
Are we getting them to do enough?
Are we loading them enough? 
Do your clients have a mind-body connection?
Why are your clients cramping in the hips?
Why when they do a hip flexor stretch, is it painful?

We answer these questions for you and then some.


  • Learn about FAI in movement
  • Helping clients get better hip stability
  • Help your clients with a better mind-body connection
  • Work with restrictions in the hip in a safe manner
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