Spinal Stability Protocol – Recorded Webinar

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In this course we teach you comprehensive exercise and restorative training for the spine. We take an in-depth look at anatomy and biomechanics, compensations, contraindications, assessments, pathology, and structural deviations. We teach you how to successfully design a back stability program that will meet your clients’ specific needs.


This course will provide you, the professional, with a step-by-step program to help your clients achieve a strong, functional, and mobile spine no matter their current spine state. You will learn:

  • the anatomy & Biomechanics of The Spine
  • and ​view clear demonstrations of spinal compensations due to restrictions and understand spinal restrictions
  • ​the BRAND-NEW spinal mobility protocol.
  • various spinal pathologies in relation to training programs
  • ​the contraindications when training various spinal pathologies
  • a safe restorative training for spinal restrictions and pathologies
  • to implement the spinal stability protocol into your classes and programs
  • the practical assessment and implementation phase
  • the progression from the initial low load re-education to higher load training
  • how to incorporate the spinal stability and strength training program on a client specific level
  • a full exercise program that takes you from basic to advanced spinal stability training
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