The Sleeping Bum (Glutes) Solved!

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It is challenging to get the Gluteus Medius and Gluteus Maximus stronger and active, because our daily movements don’t allow for much load on the gluteals and they are constantly in an eccentric (lengthened) position. There is an epidemic of inactive gluteals and this is affecting your clients lumbar and hip stability and control. The knock-on effect of weak gluteals is sacroiliac joint instability, lumbar spine instability, knee instability and pelvic instability when performing activities of daily living.


This course was designed to teach you, the professional, a glute strengthening focused class that will successfully activate the gluteus maximus and gluteus medius. In this class we take client needs and restrictions into account. You will learn:

  • a full glute-focused exercise program
  • the compensations that could occur and how to avoid them
  • the effective cues used to teach successful glute training
  • the use of voice to help the client increase their activation effort
  • the modifications required for specific restrictions
  • the biomechanics of each exercise
  • the value of closed chain training for glute training
  • what to do if your client has tight hip flexors and cannot fully extend their hip
  • how different restrictions respond differently to the same exercise
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