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This relaxation course will teach you how to incorporate simple relaxation into your classes. Movement is a phenomenal way to eliminate stress from the body, and in this course, we want to give you a great ‘stress relieving’ class for you to teach to your clients. We know that when it comes to just allowing the body to let go, that you, as the instructor, might struggle to piece together a session that promotes relaxation. In fact, this course was the catalyst for more relaxation courses and innovative classes that you will also find on our website. This program is going to bring both mental & physical health and awareness to your clients.


This course is to give you, the professional, a specific relaxation program that you can teach to your clients. It is based on allowing the body to move freely through your specific style of instruction. You will learn:

  • why incorporating relaxation into your classes is important
  • a full 30-minute relaxation class
  • a teaching style that promotes relaxation
  • the unique cues used to promote relaxation
  • how relaxation in the body will affect restorative training that promotes wellbeing
  • how each client may differ in their ability to relax
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