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Learn how to train a client with bursitis safely. In this course we explore the theory of bursitis, why it occurs, who is prone to bursitis and what you can do to help your client find stability within the hip joint without increasing inflammation in the bursa. We look at the fundamentals of safe greater trochanteric bursitis training, all the factors that could aggravate bursitis, even once it has subsided with the main objective being pain reduction.


This course was designed to help you, the professional, teach a safe and effective program for a client who has experienced greater trochanteric bursitis, or is experiencing it at present. You will learn:

  • The theory of bursitis
  • what compensatory patterns exacerbate bursitis
  • the precautionary measures to avoid irritating the bursa
  • how to avoid compensatory patterns through better cueing and understanding the client’s biomechanical restrictions
  • how to stabilize the hip without irritating the bursa

A safe exercise program that is aimed at alleviating pain, avoiding irritation, and helping the client achieve stability and balance within the hip area

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