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The spinal cord, the nerves and the delicacy of the cervical vertebra requires the instructor to follow specific precautions when training the neck. In this course we look at the fundamentals of safe cervical training and how to implement these fundamentals into the exercise program. This course will help you to feel more confident in helping your clients obtain optimal neck health and functionality.


In the videos we show you how to safely train your clients cervical spine without compensations or further irritation to the area. In this course you will learn:

  • the anatomy and biomechanics of the neck
  • how to teach an effective neck program that will encourage better alignment and functional neck strength
  • the importance of the brace triangle and how to achieve stability in this area
  • the precautionary measures when training the neck
  • the compensations that occur in neck training and how to avoid these compensation
  • what to avoid with certain neck pathologies
  • a deeper understanding of safe training for the neck
  • a full neck exercise program that can be taught to your clients
  • effective neck stretching and how not to overdo it
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