Innovative Repertoire – Large Apparatus

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This is for Pilates Equipment Instructors! Innovative repertoire large apparatus is here to bring you some new, progressive ideas on the Pilates Cadillac & Reformer. Learn new exercises, the biomechanics involved, effective cues and what compensations may occur and how to avoid them.

Ignite that creative spirit and use this amazing equipment to design exercises that are not in the traditional Pilates repertoire. The versatility of this equipment is amazing, so let’s use it to our advantage.


This course was designed to teach you new repertoire on the Pilates Equipment with the objective being strength, mobility, restorative training, and mind-body training.  We want to help you bring variety and versatility to your classes.

Course media:

  • Downloadable and printable manuals
  • Downloadable and printable summary pages
  • Course videos
  • Quick quiz
  • Immediate certificate
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