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This course is to help Pilates equipment instructors learn new innovative exercises that you can teach in your Cadillac classes. It is common to feel stuck in a rut where we teach the same exercises over-and-over again. Therefore, we designed this course, to provide you with creative ideas while incorporating flow when teaching on the Pilates Cadillac. It will help you improve your method of class delivery while learning how we use flow, closed-chain training, open-chain training and full- body integration training on the Pilates Cadillac.


Exercise design forms a strong part of your career & therefore, this course will ignite your creative spirit to want to create more innovative classes & not to mention encouraging you to “think out of the box”. You will learn:

  • new exercises on the Pilates Cadillac
  • how to create flow on Pilates equipment
  • effective cues for each exercise
  • how to correct various compensations in these exercises
  • how to use the Cadillac in different ways to peak your client’s interest
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