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In this program you will learn safe and fun exercise routines for kids between the age of 3 – 8 years old. But this course is taught with an extra special twist. You are about to learn a children’s program, taught by children. Why? Because only children know what terms make sense to them. Each video has a specific focus to encourage an awareness of their entire body.

There are two reasons for having this program taught by children:
1. This will show you, the professional, what children are capable of doing when it comes to exercise.
2. If children see children training, they are more likely to want to do it to.


We want to encourage children to have a healthy mind and body.
Every video ends with a healthy tip of the week i.e. get out into nature more often, choose a fruit instead of a sweet, drink more water, what does our spine look like, what does our shoulder look like and more. You can use these tips at the end of your classes to bring in a healthy education element into the program.

NB: Each video has a reminder to be sun-safe and to have their water bottles ready. There is also a 2-and-a-half-minute water break twice in each video to give them a chance to rest and rehydrate.

You will learn;

  • What terms children understand better and how they simplify explanations
  • What different approach can be used when teaching children
  • A full 30minute class that is focused on a specific topic
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