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Cross training forms a vital part of any sports training. It enables the body to successfully perform eccentric and concentric load. In this course we have a look at all the elements that are necessary to train your sport specific clients. We show you how to implement the 5 movement principles with the use of time under tension. We show the progression of exercises on 3 different clients while incorporating client specific training enabling you to understand the progression as well as the reason for any modification or assist.

Cross Training For Sports

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In this course you will learn how to teach an effective cross-training program that is directly focused on a sports person. What will you learn?

  • you will learn about the 5 movement principles and how these should be applied to a sportsman/woman.
  • how to effectively incorporate time under tension in your cross-training program
  • how to teach and assess the 5 movement principles during this program
  • what are the sports specific requirements
  • how to use this cross-training program for any sport
  • a full cross-training program with a wide range of exercises that can be used for all your sports individuals
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