Client Movement Assessment

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This course is designed to provide you, the professional, with a comprehensive movement assessment program that can be used for all of your clients or patients, taking their injuries, body types and personalities into consideration. You will be learning an exercise assessment that incorporates the 5 fundamental movement principals, a postural assessment and the program used to assess a client in their initial class. Whether they are active agers, injured, sports individuals, pregnant or just wanting to focus on a good training program, they all need the 5 movement principles to be instilled in all of their movements.


This course is going to enable you to do a full assessment on your clients based on what you see in their postural position versus what you see when they are performing the assessment exercises. You will learn:

  • how to do a postural assessment that does not take longer than 7 minutes
  • how to successfully assess the pelvic position
  • what exercises work well to assess a client’s movements, restrictions, and capabilities
  • the biomechanics of the exercises that are taught in the assessment
  • what to assess in each exercise and how to teach these exercises
  • why certain compensations occur during these exercises and how to avoid them
  • the 5 basic movement principles that we are assessing during this assessment and why they are imperative for your client’s functional movement
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