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In this course we help you develop your teaching skills based on the 5 teaching factors that are exclusive to Of-CourseOnline. Teaching forms a fundament part of your career and therefore, it is imperative that we develop certain skills to ensure that our clients are experiencing classes that carry a professional and positive energy.


This course is going to take you slightly out of your comfort zone, and it will challenge you to bring a new dynamic style of teaching to your classes. You will learn:

  • the 5 fundamental teaching principles that will help you teach classes that are dynamic, inspiring and motivating for both you and the client.
  • studio ethics and acceptable behaviour
  • how to incorporate biomechanical cues into your classes
  • how to alter and use your voice depending on the ‘class type’ and ‘client type’
  • how to talk a client seamlessly through an exercise using simple cues
  • how body language can change the dynamics of a class
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