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This video was filmed live in 2018. Any information relating to  member registration information and/or discounts has changed since and is no longer applicable.

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Are Your Hip Flexors Working?


In this video, we dive deep into the topic of are your hip flexors working? We address some common questions that many people have.
One of the first questions we tackle is whether or not your hip flexors are working and if you can actually feel them working.
Understanding the activity of your hip flexors is crucial, as they play an important role in various movements and exercises. However, we also explore the concept of switching off the hip flexors and discuss techniques to achieve this.
It is worth mentioning that while excessive activation of the hip flexors can sometimes be a concern, it doesn’t necessarily indicate a bad thing. Instead, we shed light on their functionality and the reasons why you may be feeling it in your hip flexors. By providing answers to these commonly asked questions, we aim to offer valuable insights into the workings of hip flexors and help you better understand their role in your overall fitness regimen.

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