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    Jade Meyer

    Hi all,

    Firstly what a great platform for further learning!

    I have a few questions with regards to working a client who has Sponylosis in the lumbar spine and Sciatica!

    Reading further on the topic and what excercises will be beneficial, a lot of the platforms say a streching and lengthening of the spine is beneficial – there main go to excercise is the pelvic tilt and then progressing into a full pelvic curl keeping in mind not to do a lot of reps/curls but to rather hold the positions. Other excercise suggestions are Double knee to chest, a hip roll (which is twisting in the lower spine big NO NO??) the hip flexor strech and ball passes with the big ball (so lifting the ball up to the ceiling with straight legs.. with the goal of strengthening the lower abs)

    Are these excercises safe as Ive had in mind to rather work a client in neutral pelvis so no tucking at all?

    Any thoughts or suggestions love to know more!



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