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    Tanya Thompson

    Hi All.
    So our industry is HUGE and I have always found the divide in our industry to be quite big. This has created lovers, haters and mediators to say the least.
    One challenge that I faced when I started teaching was the lack of confidence that I felt when I had to deal with certain conditions or populations. I did not know where to start. I also felt like I never had clear goals with the clients and the workouts were very general. Basically I was following the what I was spoon-fed to do. This left me feeling inadequate and totally bored. I knew that if I was bored then so was my clients. Recipe for disaster for sure. Of course the next challenge is to get people to commit to a lifestyle change… This is very difficult if I think that I myself felt a bit lost.

    I was given clients with various injuries or I had clients walk in and say… ‘Oh by the way, I have had a spinal fusion!’ Shot a horror…. are you joking. Ok… now I am seriously lost. And this left me assessing my own capabilities.
    Being the type of personality that I am… I went on a quest of discovery and what an amazing quest that was.
    Learning is part of being alive.. and if we can all learn from each other then we are creating a vicious circle of knowledge….
    I can live with that!
    So are you a hater, a mediator or a lover of movement styles and creativity?


    Are you serious?! WOW! Its amazing what a lot of self study can do. Looking at your videos and courses, I would not have guessed in a million years that you had felt that way – i dont know you like that! So wierd.
    You are amazing at what you do and your clients LOVE you. Its taken a lot of work and self discovery im sure…
    You are just awesome!
    I cant imagine you giving a boring class….



    Wow. That’s very motivating to hear that even you Tanya were once thinking “oh my gosh am I going to be able to help this client with this particular condition achieve their goals” . The endless learning that there is in this field inspires me and the more I learn and understand the body and how it moves and all links together , the more I want to just keep learning. And I can honestly say that there is no better person to learn from than Tanya. Her knowledge and understanding of the body is outstanding and she makes it her goal to get the learner to understand what she is teaching them . Thank you for all you have taught me thus far 😉 looking forward to learning more from of-course online

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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