10 Things I wish I knew while I was still dancing…


Those dreams of the perfect developpe that stays there for minutes on end. The perfect pirouettes that have no end. Spinning continuously with the solid ending. If dancing is in your blood, then you know what I am talking about.

I was young and I had a dream of being an amazing dancer. I could feel it in my body and could see it in my mind. It was my passion. I loved every minute of moving my body in ways I had only imagined as a child. 

BUT, and this is a big BUT….what if I had know these 10 things whilst I was dancing?

I wish I had known them, then it all would have made so much more sense to me.

1. My own physical restrictions and how this would affect certain flexibility or ‘simple’ things like the ballet 5th position.

2. My own alignment issues and how this would affect basic movements like back extension.

3. Why my lumbar spine was badly injured at one point, all due to a severe lateral pelvic tilt.

4. Why a developpe was more challenging for me compared to some other dancers.

5. The anatomy of what muscles are really responsible for the amazing and EXTREME movements that I am putting my body through.

6. The reality of SAFE TURNOUT and its REAL RANGE. 

7. The true art of balance and shoulder stability. 

8. Feeling and understanding REAL UPPER BACK EXTENSION would have prevented my lumbar spinal injury.

9. Where my pelvic control really comes from?

10. What really needs to be done to get the true leg height, specifically for my body?

If I had all of this information at my fingertips, a lot of things would have made a lot more sense. I would have made peace with certain restrictions that I have no control over and got other things perfectly right.

I would have understood why certain movements were creating havoc inside my body.

I probably would have still done them but at least I would have said…..I know exactly why I have this injury!

Knowing as much as possible about your body inside and out is so important as a dancer. It’s not only about the outside, it’s also about what is happening on the inside to make the outside look so amazing.

If I was still on stage…my goal would be to GET EDUCATED AND FAST. For my bodies benefit.

That is the HEALTHY TRUTH!

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