Amazing Teaching is expected from YOU!

amazing teaching
Why is amazing teaching expected from you?

Do you know what your clients and patients are thinking when they walk out of your facility? Of course we want to think that they loved being there and that they thoroughly enjoyed the session or exercises that you just gave them.

Your industry is booming and you form an integral part of the public’s health. I have been teaching Pilates for 17 years and I have been presenting courses for 13 years to both professionals and new industry learners. There is one thing that is ALWAYS overlooked in universities and many other institutions and that is to provide the students, who will become the fresh intakes into the industry, with special skills to make their practice soar.

In the health and fitness industry, there needs to be more emphasis on teaching both new and old industry teachers on ….HOW TO TEACH! How can we teach if nobody every taught us how to do it? How can we present courses to new and upcoming instructors or health professionals but we leave out a fundamental part of their training….HOW TO TEACH?

Somewhere we need to hone in on the skills provided to take our teaching up a notch so that we are guaranteed that if a client or patient leaves, it was not due to our lack of ability to make the exercises powerful or the sessions enjoyable.

So let’s think about something quickly…

  • Do you think that your clients or patients enjoy it tremendously if you teach them exercise?
  • Do you think that they are so ready to come to their next session because you have mastered the art of teaching?
  • Is there anything that you would like to tweak in  your teaching?
  • Do you sometimes get bored with what you are doing?

You know yourself better than anyone. You know what your highlights and shortfalls are.

This is my passion and I love teaching others how to teach because I know that this sets up a career for you that you are passionate about, that you enjoy and that you are complimented on.’Thank you, thank you, thank you’….are such nice words to hear and when you hear that statement with….’You are an amazing teacher’, then there is no stopping you.

I have been teaching since 1998 and I have seen many international and local presenters teach as well as industry leaders who would have me sleeping in my session within the first 15 minutes. Harsh statement, I know, but this is the truth.

THE TEACHING IS BORING and if the teaching is boring then the instructor must be bored. I want top class teaching if someone teaches me because then I know that they are enjoying it as much as I am. I love love love teaching my clients and students because they can hear the enjoyment that I am experiencing. That is what makes the difference.

So there are a few skills that will rock your clients and patients socks off:

  1. The use of your voice
  2. Talking your clients through the exercise
  3. Maintaining a good rhythm
  4. Speaking anatomy
  5. Correcting where necessary……all at the same time!

Call it the co-ordination of being an amazing teacher. Master these 5 steps and you will never ever have to worry about a high turn-over of clients!

It is at your fingertips.

Brilliance in teaching is what this industry needs to shake it up a bit and get rid of boring classes. With this brilliant teaching comes the art of precision and beautiful movement. That means that the instructors is not only a good presenter but is also incredibly knowledgeable in their field. 

The success of something is determined by the total sum of it parts and not only parts of it parts!

That is the HEALTHY TRUTH!


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