All that knowledge means nothing without…..


One of the fundamental principles of life is growth.

One of our soul purposes on this planet is to grow as a human being in all aspects of our life, be it personally, spiritually, professionally or intellectually.  We are all in search of that something that will make us feel like we have a purpose.

The question is where to start!?

In the health and movement industry, we are forced to do Post Education in order to maintain our licenses to practice. We know we need to do this and yet some find it a tedious task and a total waste of time. We are in search of all kinds of courses, articles and knowledge….anything that will not make us fall asleep during the lecture!  We want to feel inspired and motivated.

I have sat in on so many courses where I myself have caught 40 winks (sad but true). Not because the course was horrible but because it was almost a repetition of what I had already done or I was just another sausage in the sausage mill of hundreds of others wanting to learn something new on that day. Just another number! It costs me a fortune and I walk out feeling like it was not worth my time. The result of this is that we make the choice to invest in our career rather than force ourselves to attend courses that we know will simply just not hit the spot. 

On other occasions we might end up doing a course that blows our mind with information. We are so excited to do everything that we have learnt. We are ready to rock the socks off of our patients and clients.


You need to have the fundamentals of movement no matter what course you do!


Because knowing, feeling and seeing the fundamentals of movement, will be the difference between a successful result and an unsuccessful result no matter what course work or new found knowledge you are trying to implement in your work. 

Hence the birth of Of-CourseOnline….my baby….my dream since 2002.

Why do I love this work so much….because it ties in so well with any dry-needling course, sport specific course, physio course, physical therapist course, dance course, Pilates course, taping course, spinal course, hip course, shoulder course, Sports injury course….and the list can go on and on.

If the information that you have learned on any course is not taught with Kinetic Precision then the results are affected negatively. 

You can do any course in the world, but without the principles of Kinetic Precision, the implementation of the work will be compromised. Of-CourseOnline is there to bridge movement gaps and enhance the movement industry.

It is always good to learn …but it might not be good if it is not done with the fundamentals of movement. That which Of-CourseOnline thrives on. The knowledge learnt in these courses is a must do for everyone who teaches movement because from this new found knowledge, everything else you have ever learnt makes 150% sense or no sense at all.

If it cannot be explained, felt or seen in this industry then it cannot be implemented into your work. There is no better investment into your career than learning from those who have seen the mistakes, researched the mistakes, studied the best possible solutions and finally brought it to all who love movement and the body!

That is the healthy truth!


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