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Posted by Tanya Thompson

The world is booming with health options!

Choose any exercise form, don’t eat this, don’t eat that, eat this, eat that…. at this point I think we have an epidemic of confusion.

Ladies have a goal of looking like fitness models, men have goals of looking like Brad Pit in ‘Fury’, but are you willing to give up a lot in order to achieve these goals? 

Is this who you are as a person? 

What about just looking healthy and being happy? And most importantly, looking like yourself. Yes you will most certainly feel better if you fit into your jeans and yes you will feel amazing when you exercise. But I have realized that this is not part of everyone’s make-up. So why don’t we change the focus and say….’I want to exercise to be healthy. I do not want to be old and decrepit one day due to a lack of ME looking after ME!’

So the exercise part if covered. Do something that you enjoy, research all forms of exercise and see what is going to work for you and then just make it happen for heavens sake. You will be so happy that you did. Of course I am going to recommend Pilates due to its healing properties for both body and mind as well as its amazing focus on pretty much everything that you can think of except body building.

Do not go to a Pilates Studio if you want to body build and I am talking big muscles. But if you want to tone then this is right up your alley. Okay, so we are talking health right?

Well then it is time to exercise like you mean it, and with mean it, I mean that you are ready to say to your body, ‘I love you shoulders, hips, knees, ankles and spine and I want everything that is inside of you to stay fresh, healthy and lubricated, mobile and strong. So therefore I am choosing some form of exercise that will not break you down or hurt you because without you guys I am not able to survive on this planet into my old age!’

And that should be your new focus. If you are in the gym, don’t gym to break, gym to build. 

Good form is vitally important. 

I know from personal experience that when I am in the gym, I have tunnel vision because I cannot watch as the general population hurts their joints and breaks their bodies without knowing it! I can’t look left or right, I just look straight and focus on why I am there. Yes I have helped a few people in the gym and they have been super grateful luckily (they could have told me to bugger off). Maybe because I had the best intentions.

The worst performed exercises are arm exercises and back exercises. The shoulder stability is to the point where I can see and feel the muscles and ligaments inside those shoulders crying. I can see the vertebrae’s saying, ‘Please stop it, I can’t keep doing this!’ but unfortunately the person doing the exercise is uneducated on what is actually going on inside their joints. The ‘plank’ is performed the absolute worst, this is done in such a way that the shoulders and spine are weeping! Is this what you want to do to your body?

So I have a different take on health. 

You can look amazing, have an amazing body, but it does not mean that you are healthy. 

What are you doing to your body to look like that and what are you putting into it to look so amazing and most importantly, what are you giving up in life to feed it just the way it needs to be fed to look so muscular, especially as a woman? 

Many may be upset by this article but it is the honest truth. Be all natural, no need to pump your body with substances, pills and shakes in order to look amazing. Read the labels to know what the contents of the product is.  Is it all good for you, for your intestines and your organs? Can your liver and kidneys handle it all? If not, then this is NOT health, it is the shell looking amazing and the insides weeping!

Fresh and pure things are what should be going into your mouth and respect to your body should be your ultimate goal. I always say to my clients, don’t land hard, don’t hit your pelvis on the floor, don’t just go for the reps cause you know they will tone you, but RESPECT every inch of your body. Clean it from the inside!

So therefore, do exercise that heals it and not harms it and eat food that nourishes it and not harms it. Go natural, go mindful, go healing and show that you respect yourself. Don’t waste your younger days breaking your body because then you will reap the agony in your older age.

Our grandparents were right in saying, ‘Grow old gracefully’ and as ladies! Look like a lady, feel like a lady and do not try looking like a man! You are beautiful inside and out so now you just need to believe it, respect YOURSELF, accept yourself and start healing yourself all round with food and exercise that is focused on REAL HEALTH!


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