Join our Affiliate Reward Program & Benefit Financially!

A PASSIVE INCOME can go a Long Way!


Become an AFFILIATE MEMBER OR ORGANIZATION for our ONLINE – MOVEMENT, REHABILITATION & EXERCISE COURSES and receive a percentage pay-out of the courses purchased by YOUR MEMBERS OR COLLEAGUES.


OF-COURSEONLINE is spreading its international wings. We are looking for AFFILIATE ORGANZIATIONS, ASSOCIATIONS & individuals all over the world to join us in a mutually beneficial partnership.


The AFFILIATE REWARD PROGRAM is dedicated to finding ORGANIZATIONS or like-minded individuals who want to benefit financially & expand POST EDUCATION for their members or professionals.


THE SECRET INGREDIENT to the POWER OF PRECISION IN MOVEMENT lies within OF-COURSEONLINE. We strive to create a community of Strong Influential Professionals who will GAIN FINANCIALLY from the AFFILLIATE REWARD PROGRAM.

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Our Affiliate Reward Program is there for everyone to benefit from. From the attendee to the affiliate to OF-COURSEONLINE.

How to start?

  1. Contact us to inform us that you would like to be part of the AFFILIATE Reward Program & we will send you the full package details.
  2. We will then give you YOUR AFFILIATE CODE that YOUR members or colleagues need to use whenever they purchase one of our courses. They will automatically fall into our Loyalty Program as soon as they become an OCO member.
  3. Our system then automatically calculates the total percentage to be paid out to our Affiliates.
  4. We will then require your banking details so that payment can be made to you in March, June, September & December.


International Organizations

Physiotherapy organizations, Pilates organizations, Fitness organizations, Universities, Health organizations

Business Owners / Entrepreneurs

Pilates studio owner, Fitness business owner, Physiotherapy practice owner, Biokineticist practice owner, Physical therapist practice owner, Health or medical professional

OF-COURSEONLINE will also offer

  • Your Logo on the OF-COURSEONLINE website.
  • Your PERCENTAGE share will be processed every three months.