A Client Treat

Did you know that structure is required in most things in life. It keeps our mind clear and gives us a sense of starting and finishing something. 

The same applies to a training, Pilates, yoga or any exercise class. The body and mind wants structure. It is strange to walk into a facility and get straight onto a piece of equipment and start with resistance training of any kind. 

Even speeches have an introduction, a body and a conclusion. 

Just as strange as it is to start a class with a bang, so to is it strange to end a class with back extension for example only to immediately get up off of the equipment or mat and say ‘Cheers’ and be off. 

It feels so out of place. 

Besides creating the flow, what are you doing at the beginning and the end of each session that marks the beginning and the end? 

We generally start with good breathing in a relaxed starting posting followed by spinal warm up (pelvic curl). This is just to centre the client and to get there mind out of the traffic and into their body! 

But what do we do at the end to give them that extra special thank you for being your client?……

Take a look at this short video…..they will so thank you for this ‘rest position treat’ 😉​

Don’t just tickle them….give them a good massage. What you would like? That is what you must be thinking whilst giving them a rest position🌟. 

Now they are looking forward to their next class ENDING😉. 



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